Pâté Preview

Have you ever wondered how to make that mysterious and delicious dish, pâté? Well, stick around because in the next few weeks Our Localtopia and Alicia Hitchcock will be releasing our newest culinary video, a how-to on pâté creation! Watch this site for more info, and check out this teaser shot of the pâté that was made!


Making Your Own Preserved Lemons

People who like to eat and to cook are crazy about preserved lemons, but I must confess that before the “Thursdays in the Kitchen: Cooking with Lemon” class at the Fullerton Arboretum,  I had never even eaten them. With a heavy lemon crop on the branches and the need for a subject to film in my kitchen at home, I decided to make this short film. Thanks to Jonathan Dye and Alicia Hitchcock for the inspiration!
Want to make your own batch? It’s easy. Follow these short directions and watch the posted video…