Strawberry & Lavender Hand Pie Recipe (Seasonal & Sophisticated Entertaining Class Recap)

Thanks so much to everyone that attended our 4/23 Thursday In The Kitchen class at the Fullerton Arboretum! The above photos highlight some of the dishes created! We had a great time reconnecting with so many familiar faces and meeting a few new friends. Please keep reading to access the promised recipe for those delicious Strawberry Lavender Hand Pies. If you enjoyed the class, consider signing up for some of our upcoming classes and bringing along a friend! Classes for May through September are open for registration through the Arboretum’s website: – click on “Register for Classes” and then look for “Thursdays in the Kitchen.”  Continue reading “Strawberry & Lavender Hand Pie Recipe (Seasonal & Sophisticated Entertaining Class Recap)”

Free Class: Cooking with Five Ingredients or Less at Yorba Linda Public Library on 2/12/14


Hello folks! Join OurLocaltopia this Wednesday Feb. 12 at 7pm for another FREE cooking class held at the Yorba Linda Public Library! This week’s topic: dishes made with five ingredients or less! These simple, delicious recipes are great for first time cooks and seasoned chefs. Class will last about 60 to 90 minutes and is held in the downstairs community room. Park in the Library’s lower lot and look for the signs directing you to the class. Samples and recipes will be available to all who attend! See ya there!


Thursdays in the Kitchen: An Elegant New Year’s Eve – Final Class of 2013 on 11/21

Hello friends! Don’t forget… on Thursday November 21st at 6pm, we will be hosting the final Thursdays in the Kitchen class of 2013, our “Elegant New Year’s Eve” celebration.  This class will be team taught by Jonathan Duffy Davis and Jonathan Dye and will serve a dual purpose: to explore a wonderful menu of elevated cuisine, perfect for end of the year parties AND to celebrate the success of the Thursdays in the Kitchen series, all while enjoying a fabulous evening! Continue reading “Thursdays in the Kitchen: An Elegant New Year’s Eve – Final Class of 2013 on 11/21”

Thursdays Recap: Early Fall Dinner Party!


Thanks to everyone who came out tonight for our first Thursdays in the Kitchen cooking class of the fall!

Continue reading “Thursdays Recap: Early Fall Dinner Party!”

Inspiration in Simple Ingredients, for a Simple Sunday Meal

This past week, amid the buildup to the 4th of July holiday, family gatherings and time spent with friends, Our Localtopia was at work putting a video together featuring fresh local figs paired with homemade ricotta.  We gathered in my kitchen to film and make ricotta cheese; creamy, warm and decadent.  It had been a while since I had made homemade ricotta, and our video shoot reminded me how just a few simple ingredients, thoughtfully prepared, truly come together to make a great dish.  A dish that is at once completely homey, and at once truly sophisticated.  Pure ingredients allowed to shine in their own radiant light — creating harmony on a dinner plate. Continue reading “Inspiration in Simple Ingredients, for a Simple Sunday Meal”

The Fullerton Foundry Recaps Spring Farm Dinner at the Fullerton Arboretum

The Spring Farm Dinner in full swing.

The good folks at Fullerton Foundry have a great post recapping the food and events of the Fullerton Arboretum’s Spring Farm Dinner. Take a gander at the first paragraph and click through the link to read the rest:

“All across the nation, the locavore generation has been driving the dining experience to a whole new level. Although the seasonal and artisanal mantra rings loud at most respectable restaurants, it’s a lot more enjoyable to eat at the source — especially when that source is in the very field where your dinner was grown. Farm to fork gatherings have been bolstering the relationship between the garden and the food on our plate; celebrating the magnificence of our pastoral scene. At the same time, it has also generated great awareness regarding the importance and vitality of our own agricultural community and the delicious, wholesome and abundant bounty it provides us.

In the vein of Outstanding in the Field and Plate & Pitchfork, the Fullerton Arboretum hosted a Spring Farm Dinner right on their idyllic grounds…. (read more at )”

Alicia Hitchcock’s Famous Cherry Pie (In Video Form!)

Alicia Hitchcock of Brea’s Alicia’s Cookery and Catering visited Cathy Thomas’ kitchen recently and made this delicious looking cherry pie. Check out this video to watch the recipe unfold and learn helpful techniques from these cooking experts!

Read on for the full recipe for the pie crust and filling… Continue reading “Alicia Hitchcock’s Famous Cherry Pie (In Video Form!)”

French Bistro Cooking, this Thursday at Fullerton Arboretum

French Bistro CookingGetting excited the upcoming Thursdays in the Kitchen: French Bistro Cooking class at the Fullerton Arboretum. Jonathan Dye will be demonstrating a mouthwatering menu of beloved French classics and Jonathan Davis will be talking to us about what local, seasonal ingredients we can… Continue reading “French Bistro Cooking, this Thursday at Fullerton Arboretum”

First Class: Southern California Cool Season Cuisine

Cooking Rhubarb

The stalks of Rhubarb snapped as I twisted them free from the base of the plant that I put in the ground over 18 months ago. Later in the evening this rhubarb would be folded into a cake batter to provide tart contrast to a sweet walnut streusel and crunchy crumb. Our guests were coming not only to eat, but to learn a bit about cooking by watching us prepare a seasonal meal.

I am passionate about growing fantastic food and I am lucky enough to do so for a living. My journey into small-scale agriculture began four years ago at Fullerton Arboretum, a botanical garden in north Orange County. Today, the eastern acres of Fullerton Arboretum include 16,000 square feet of vegetable beds, a new orchard filled with nearly 200 young fruit trees, and an apiary (bee hives). The intense and often mundane physical labor and the searing Southern Californian summers made a tentative farmer of me at first. I can no longer imagine a life that doesn’t involve growing food.