Easter Eggs Naturally Dyed – The Video!

Ever since that nettle juice left a beautiful marbled stain on our test egg last month, Our Localtopia has been thrilled by the idea of naturally dying eggs! There are a number of well known natural egg dyes like beets, tea, blueberries and coffee. We tried those, but also decided to test out some lesser known sources of natural pigment, like the featured oxalis flowers. The results were stunning, and captured in the attached film. The directions for dying your own eggs is at the end.


#1. Beet juice and onion skins. Egg was boiled in beet juice after being wrapped in an onion skin.
#2. Boiled with onion skins and soaked over night.
#3. Boiled grass, soaked over night.
#4. Turmeric, soaked over night.
#5. Boiled with onion skins, removed from water right after boiling.
#6. Black Tea, soaked over night.