A Specialty Pastry from Italy: Sfogliatelle

SfogliatelleWe wanted to share our experience making a specialty Italian pastry called Sfogliatelle.  We were inspired by a picture seen in Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, and took to the kitchen to re-create this masterpiece. Continue reading “A Specialty Pastry from Italy: Sfogliatelle”

Panna Cotta – A Deceptively Simple Dessert for Valentine’s Day


My Valentine loves Panna Cotta with a drizzle of bright raspberry coulis and a dusting of quality cocoa powder – I make this all the time. “Such a lucky girl” you might say. “Yes, I agree” would be my immediate and confident response but this is only partially true. I have been playing up the complexity of the recipe for some time (she’s no fool, she just couldn’t care less about cooking). “The cream has to be warmed to a very precise temperature…. Infusing cream with quality vanilla beans is a process that requires painstaking observation…” But panna cotta is in fact extremely simple to make.

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Peppermint Bark S’mores for Festive Holiday Entertaining!

Happy Holidays! Tis the season for office soirées, family celebrations, neighborhood gatherings… basically, parties galore. In our first December post, we feature a fun and simple twist on a summer favorite that will be a big hit at any holiday event you attend: Peppermint Bark S’mores! Really fun, really fast, and really eye-catching, these confections are filled with great peppermint flavor, synonymous with the Holiday Season.  Continue reading “Peppermint Bark S’mores for Festive Holiday Entertaining!”

Fall Baking: Thanksgiving Corn Cookies!

We wanted to share a cookie recipe that has captivated us at OurLocaltopia this season, and it is SO special because it uses a somewhat new twist on a very old ingredient. And it tastes, well, amazing!  Freeze-dried corn, available online and at an increasing number of retailers, is packed with that hearty corn flavor that has been a quintessential part of eating in the Americas since well before the first Thanksgiving! Continue reading “Fall Baking: Thanksgiving Corn Cookies!”

More Fall Baking: Cardamom Cake with Poached Pears Recipe and Gallery

Pears of many varieties are coming into season, and to highlight them we chose to make this perfect and casual recipe for a quick cake scented with cardamom.  This recipe offers some really great opportunities for the home chef! Continue reading “More Fall Baking: Cardamom Cake with Poached Pears Recipe and Gallery”