New Year, New Fun, New Class!

Citrus Bounty
It’s citrus season! Read on for recipes and ideas and take advantage of that backyard bounty!

Welcome to 2016, and to a year that is already brimming with potential! We wanted to show you what we’ve been up to and  share a few photos and links. Additionally, Jonathan Duffy Davis and Jonathan Dye will be back in the Arboretum kitchen on February 18th for their next Thursdays in the Kitchen class, “Spring Flavors” on Thursday, February 18th!  If you’re interested in joining us, please REGISTER HERE. Continue reading “New Year, New Fun, New Class!”

Crafting A Lemon Verbena Gimlet – A Recipe & Gallery

It’s hot as $@&#, right? This type of weather calls for a cocktail. OurLocaltopia has you covered! Continue reading “Crafting A Lemon Verbena Gimlet – A Recipe & Gallery”

Thursday Night Pomelo Sour


I mentioned a cocktail during our class on Tuesday that I have been making with some of pomelos and I thought that a recipe might be in order. I am but a budding bartender but I think that this cocktail is a really good one. I believe that it technically falls into “sour” family of drinks – spirit + citrus + sweetener + egg white – but we’re not going to use egg whites (pomelo juice foams up fine Continue reading “Thursday Night Pomelo Sour”