Elegant Strawberry Conserve

Once sufficently cooled, place your finsihed conserve in a glass jar. We suggest Weck jars. It's that easy... Enjoy!
Strawberry Conserves.

Strawberry season comes early in Southern California and is just around the corner for the rest of the country! We wanted to post about this AMAZINGLY EASY Strawberry Conserve recipe, inspired by one of our go-to books, Canal House Cooks Everyday. Continue reading “Elegant Strawberry Conserve”

Stocking Up Your Fall Pantry: Chicken, Beef & Vegetable Stock Recipes

October is swiftly coming to an end. Though the weather has played many tricks on us this season I am still determined to support my traditional notion of cooking soup during the fall. As far as I’m concerned – it’s my right to expect and demand soup in the fall; Continue reading “Stocking Up Your Fall Pantry: Chicken, Beef & Vegetable Stock Recipes”

Ask and You Shall Receive: How to Prepare Cranberry Beans

Cranberry Beans from the Orange County Great Park Farmers Market
Cranberry Beans from the Orange County Great Park Farmers Market

On a recent trip to the Orange County Great Park Farmer’s Market, Evelyn and I stumbled upon a stall which had produced a great stack of beautiful, vibrant and completely fresh cranberry beans.  The 10:00 AM sun was bright and direct and shone the variegated beans in vivid glory.  I became too excited; I had seen cranberry beans in a few books and recently in Living Magazine, but to tell the truth, I’d never cooked a fresh shell bean in my life! Continue reading “Ask and You Shall Receive: How to Prepare Cranberry Beans”

Seasonal Tomato Preserves!

Gather some backyard tomatoes...

Tomatoes are in abundance this time of year, and they never fail to come center-stage at our tables as the heat and light of summer presses on.  This week, we featured a recipe in our cooking class at the Fullerton Arboretum that highlighted some additional potential of the summer tomato: tomato preserves.  It’s not that the idea of a preserved tomato is new – far from it.  But the simplicity with which these particular summer tomatoes are preserved, and the great ingredients added to them that make them sparkle even greater, well, is just magic. Read on for the full recipe and browse the photos of the process in this post’s gallery… Continue reading “Seasonal Tomato Preserves!”

Inspirational Reading – The Canal House Series

Highly suggested reading.
Highly suggested reading.

This week I find myself returning to pour over my Canal House books – which come as semi-annual publications from authors Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton. To say that I’m enamored with the Canal House is an understatement.  The passion that is thrown into each book is UNREAL. Not just a great resource for recipes, these books are excellent reading, offering little tidbits that…

Continue reading “Inspirational Reading – The Canal House Series”