SoCo Farmers’ Market

SoCo Farmers' MarketWe are lucky to live in Southern California. Most of us know that. But one of the many reasons the “best coast” really lives up to its namesake it the accessibility and variety of locally grown, sustainably produced, easy to access food. As most of us know, farmers’ market are one of the best sources for fresh, local produce. Orange County has a number of farmer’s markets… Enough to quell that old “it’s only once a week” excuse. One of the newer farmers’ markets in the county happens on Saturdays in the SoCo district of Costa Mesa. This previously under utilized location is now a hub of culinary activity. The Saturday SoCo Farmers‘ market hosts a variety of farmers and craft food makers from around the region and the adjacent brick and mortar stores house some of the most up and coming epicurean spots in the county.

Have you shopped at SoCo? If so, what local treasures did you find?


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