Seeds & Seedlings: Reconnecting After A Busy Season!

Happy New Year from OurLocaltopia! Now that 2014 has past and the promise of 2015 is on the horizon, we want to RECONNECT! We look forward to updating you with regular postings again, sharing what we’re involved in and excited about. It’s been 6 months since our last post (for good reasons), so here’s an update on what has been keeping the trio at OurLocaltopia busy.

On the Farm with Jonathan Davis…

I’ve gone back to the land! In April my family and I purchased 20 acres of raw land at 3500 feet in  Aguanga, Ca. The price was right and the views incredible. Aguanga is just up the hill from Temecula. The land was completely undeveloped so we started from scratch and are building from the ground up. We moved out to the land in August after nine years in Fullerton and spent the first five months essentially living off-grid. We hauled water in by pickup truck and pulled electricity from the sun with a single solar panel. Drilling our well and bringing grid electricity in to run the pump took quite some time. Good well drillers are in short supply in Southern California! Our well turned out to be a good one – 20 gallons per minute of clear, cold, delicious water. It was an expensive way to start a frugal life but it was well worth the expenditure. We finally brought electricity to the homestead on Christmas Eve. We plan to raise goats, bees, and fruit trees. I hope to turn our raw products into goat cheese, wild sagebrush honey, and refined preserves for the more discerning cooks of Southern California. We also hope to have small groups out for sunset farm dinners with 30 mile views of the Temecula and Warner Valleys. Life as a farmer and homesteader suits me wonderfully!

On the Road with Jonathan Dye…

Over the summer of 2014 I moved from Yorba Linda to Fullerton, which gave me a chance to organize my valued collection of Living Magazines… they reach back to 1995! In the fall, I took a great trip to Italy where I saw Tuscany, Liguria and Emiglia-Romana. The markets were spectacular, and I came home inspired. During the winter, I cooked and pickled vegetables while spending a lot of time helping customers with their cooking needs at Williams-Sonoma in Brea. I’m looking forward to a fun, educational and prosperous 2015!

On the Nest with Evelyn…

As many of you who attended our classes or had us cook for you in 2014 know, I was eagerly awaiting the birth of my first child. He arrived, a bit ahead of schedule, in late July of 2014! I am happy to report that not only is he the prettiest baby in the world, but he is also the most brilliant! And as you can see from his photo, he loves beets just as much as we do! He is six months old now and ready to help his mama with the bloggin’ and his buddies The Jonathans with the farmin’ and the cookin.’

eating a beet

So keep track of all of us here at OurLocaltopia by following this blog (sign up to receive email notifications of postings if you haven’t yet), liking us on Facebook and Instagram and just shooting us an email or a high five. Great things are on the way. Wishing y’all a wonderful 2015, and of course happy growing, eating and cooking!


4 thoughts on “Seeds & Seedlings: Reconnecting After A Busy Season!”

  1. So excited to get your updates! Wonderful news about the progress with your land Jonathan! Can’t wait to hear and see more and look forward to a sunset dinner down the line too! If you ever need any bee info, my sister and bro-in-law are in that business and were just at the Bee Convention in Anaheim 3 wks ago. They have a new hive they were talking about, so interesting!
    I need to stop in and say Hi to you Jonathan at WS, and see if you have any classes coming up. Excited for your move to Fullerton, a little more “happening” than YL?
    Evelyn your darling boy “beets” it all, he is so cute! Bet you are loving watching all his stages and changes as he grows!!

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