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Citrus Bounty
It’s citrus season! Read on for recipes and ideas and take advantage of that backyard bounty!

Welcome to 2016, and to a year that is already brimming with potential! We wanted to show you what we’ve been up to and  share a few photos and links. Additionally, Jonathan Duffy Davis and Jonathan Dye will be back in the Arboretum kitchen on February 18th for their next Thursdays in the Kitchen class, “Spring Flavors” on Thursday, February 18th!  If you’re interested in joining us, please REGISTER HERE.

January Post - Bumper Crop
A bounty of organic lemons harvested from the Erickson’s backyard trees.

We have been so delighted to take advantage of the bumper crop of citrus this winter, and the flavors of citrus are such a lovely way to begin cooking in the new year. It seems all varieties of lemons, oranges, and grapefruit abound, with many other specialized varieties such as mandarins and tangelos not far behind. It’s a great time to get into your yard (or the yard of a friends… our lemons were grown organically Bill and Leida Erickson, in their Anaheim Hills backyard) and to collect this amazing and fragrant bounty. With so much abundance, what to do?  Here are some ways we thought we would take advantage of seasonal flavor at its peak.  Please enjoy the photos and click the links for additional information!

Preserving Lemons

Preserved Lemons
Preserved lemons are a quick and easy project.

Preserving Lemons is an instant way to utilize lemons for use later – they provide myriad options to so many savory dishes and vinaigrettes. Enjoy the short video we made a few years ago, you’ll see how easy the preparation is!

Lemon & Mixed Citrus Curd

January Post - Lemon Curd
Meyer Lemon Curd is a bright and flavorful addition to your breakfast table.

Lemon curd is especially wonderful with home grown and organic lemons or other citrus.  If you don’t have lemons, try mandarins, grapefruits, or limes.  The curd will last for weeks and is perfect on scones, in a tart with (or without) whipped cream or meringue, and just by the spoonful. Lemon curd is such a simple and fabulous concoction; just lemons, eggs, sugar and butter. Ours was made with the Erickson’s lemons and Jonathan Duffy Davis’ Tule Peak farm fresh eggs! For the recipe we followed, click here.

Juice It & Drink It

January Post - New Gin Fizz
Fresh citrus is a must for pleasing cocktails.

Aside from the obvious breakfast time glass of juice… don’t forget your evening essentials!  Citrus juice is a perfect accompaniment to an evening drink, providing a fresh and bright flavor to many cocktails. Add or muddle the rind for a hint of bitterness and another profile is added to your drink. Fresh eggs, such as ones from Jonathan Davis’ hens at his Tule Peak Farm can provide the perfect, frothy white top to your traditional sour. Please follow this link to our classic Pomelo Sour recipe, courtesy of Jonathan Duffy Davis, posted to this site a few seasons ago.

One of Jonathan Duffy Davis’ hens, hard at work, laying eggs for our curd.

Cheers to you in the new year! We look forward to connecting with you this year, and to sharing all of the things we’re inspired by!

–Table & Field

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