A Love Affair With Lemons

Lemon Bounty

Any time of year – any type of lemon –  my attention is centered.  With the 2nd class in our culinary series fast approaching, I am excited to be revisiting favorite recipes and an AMAZING ingredient in preparation for Thursday the 31st at the Fullerton Arboretum.  We’re going to explore at least six recipes in class this week in which lemon is the “star” ingredient – but I am MOST excited by two of our selections…

One.  Preserved Lemons.  If you haven’t tried them or made them – they’re a revelation.  They are simplicity itself to make, and they are powerhouses of flavor.  Look for a preserved lemons recipe to be posted on Our Localtopia soon, as well as a vinaigrette using their delicious flesh and rind.

Preserved  Lemons

Two.  Limoncello.   This Italian all-star is quintessential comfort on a hot day.  I know it’s winter.  First, I don’t care.  Limoncello is good anytime, and this includes breakfast.  Second, though we’re not having any hot days right now…. By the time our preparations are ready to consume it will be time to pour a sweet and refreshing shot into a short, narrow glass just emerged from the freezer… the only way to enjoy this delicious nectar.

So… be they Meyers or Eurekas or beyond (I’m sure Arboretum Farmer Jonathan Davis has more varieties) – my kitchen excitement is centered on the lemon this week.  Let us know what you’re cooking!

~Jonathan Dye

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